XML LookUp Problem


I need help. I make a XML data. I want get information by barcode number.
Ex. I use barcode scanner and scan "xxxxx" number. Software give me xxxxx's name and price information. I make this block structure. But i get error "start less than 1" when start screen. Can you help me please ?

Note!!!: I write "2200047414978" for test. I use barcodeScanner normally.

My XML Data: https://ismont.com.tr/public_html/UserFiles/sertifika/FIYAT_ETIKETascii.xml

Start by using the Web1.GotText event to capture your response content. You cannot just set a variable to the Web1.Url to get the output..

Thank you for answer. I create block now. Is this true ? Because not working.

What does your response content look like? Temporarily set it to a label to see...

XML with App Inventor is still hard. Here is an .aia that works with your XML:
barcodeXML.aia (5.4 KB)
It is not a complete app as you would like to have it with a barcode scanner, but instead it displays a list of barcodes from the retrieved XML. When selecting one of the barcodes, it will show the information associated with that barcode. Since I do not understand your language, I just show the raw data.
I donwnloaded your XML, so here are two ways to experiment. Either the downloaded stuff or directly from your site. Here are the blocks: