Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro phonecall does not work

i have a problem with xiaomi redmi note 10 pro applications with a key that calls a predefined number. if i click on the button it does nothing. the same app on other phone works.
on my xiaomi redminote 10 pro nt works on the other phone no problem why?

Maybe try using Phone.MakeDirectPhoneCall instead of Phone.MakePhoneCall. The difference is that the former will call the given number immediately while the latter will open the Phone app on your device to call.

Hi, if i try i get this error message

error 908: the permission call_phone has been denide.please enable it in the settings app

Then please open 'Settings' on your device and enable the Call_Phone permission for your app.

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hI, i solved it by running this
go to Help> Buddy Info and scan the QR code it provides. This version has the permissions that Google forced us to remove.


If it worked, please mark your post as the Solution, this way it is easier for people to find it.

I think I did

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