Wrong text size when resizing Canvas

have found that when I resize a canvas and immediately write text on it, the text is stretched.
To avoid this I have to use a clock that fixes my issue, but complicates heavily the rest of coding.
I wonder if there is another way to refresh the size of canvas before i put text on it, but without the use of a clock

Of course, do NOT use Canvas sizing Automatic. Only use pixels. Text is dependent on Canvas x,y coordinates. If you change them, you have to write code to compensate. The simple fix is not to use a Canvas object that changes dimensions.

ok. I did in this way:
i made the dimensions of the canvas bigger that what i needed (so i don’t have to resize it anymore) and instead of changing the size of the canvas i changed the size of an Arrangment in which i put the canvas.
Thanks Steve

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Hi crix2

What are you actually writing on a Canvas? Another method is to create the text required as a png image (via a PC graphics program), which has the advantage allowing rich, graphical text which can be easily positioned as a sprite.

You can also display beautiful text by using Web fonts and displaying with web viewer components.

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