Wrong Italian translation of instruction

The translation of some instruction in the BLOCK section is completely wrong so to make confusion in the itself meaning i.e.: "when": "per sempre quando"!!!
The meaning of "per sempre quando" is "for ever when". It is better to write "quando".

I also face this problem in Hindi. You can try usips API's. :wink:

I'm italian, I've never used italian translation because it could be incomprehensible on this forum.
Your post can be translated with google, but no your blocks

Dear Luigi,
I'm Italian too, and I agree with you when you say that the specific translation is "wrong" or, at least, misleading, but since I see that you don't have any problem with English, let me suggest you to use the English version. This is mainly to ease the life of members of this (international) forum to help you when you post your blocks, asking for help or clarification.
Sometimes other Italian members have posted "italian" blocks and they have been requested to translate them in English in order to be understandable. And they had to do the job twice.
(Unless you are a teacher and you want to teach MIT AI2 to young kids).

Qundi benvenuto e buon anno !!!
Ciao, Ugo.

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Thank you for bringing this up.

We rely on volunteers to translate App Inventor. If you're interested in fixing our translation, we would be excited to have your help.

@Alpha2020 We don't have a released Hindi translation yet, but I'm not sure what specific problem you're describing.

Dear Susan,
I'm glad to participate, whether I will be capable.
Though my thought still remains to encourage to use the English version, for an easier WW interface, please let me know how can I do something for the translation. :hugs:
Cheers, Ugo.

I was saying about the Yandex traslation.

Dear Ugo,
the concept is that there is a mistake! So it is good to correct mistake. Are you a teacher?

Dear Luigi,
No, I'm not a teacher, just an old programmer, and I agree with you: any error shall be corrected always.
Ciao, ugo.