Wrong Google Sheets data visualisation

Hi, I developed an app to scan books' barcodes and get the info. I was testing with a little google sheets' page that I wrote and it was all working fine. Now I've copied and pasted all the real data to the sheet and now my app is showing me each result twice (for example, if author is
Stephen King
it shows me
"Stephen King","Stephen King"
as a result)

How can I fix it?
This is the google sheets "normal" link (not the one with the last part modifyed for the app) BOOKS APP - Google Sheets
Thanks in advance!!

Here is a result from a book I manually entered in the database:

Here is a result from a book I copied and pasted in the database. I think there's something wrong with this copy paste step...

And here the blocks:

You appear to have taken a very long-winded and over-complicated route to return your data, this is probably a part of the problem

You do not show the web1.url, which makes it difficult to see what data you are calling back to the app.

You may find it better to make a gviz query on the data based upon the value you wish to query, this will then return only those results.

If you wish to share your aia project, I can take a look for you

Compare rows 2 and 531 in your sheet.
Could it be you added some books twice to the sheet?

No because I filtered my sheet to delete all repetited entries. So there's only one for each...

This is the url

And here's the aia project
BOOKS_BARCODES_copy.aia (8.4 KB)

Thanks for the givz query, I'll give it a try

test it..

BOOKS_BARCODES_copy.aia (9.5 KB)

It works perfectly!!!!
Lots of thanks!!

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this sheet doesnot have permission to read by anyone..

I've just realized and deleted my absurd question


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