Wrong description display for extension properties

My self written extension has this code (look at “description” paramter)
@DesignerProperty(editorType = PropertyTypeConstants.PROPERTY_TYPE_INTEGER, defaultValue = “0”)
@SimpleProperty(description = “Sets the scaling. Range is -10…0…+10. The resulting factor is logarithmic (see ScalingMultiplicator).”)
public void Scaling(float value) {


@SimpleProperty(description = "Returns the scaling.")
public float Scaling() {

But AI2 shows this:screenshot

can you Copy-Paste the Pitagoras.java code found on this website and check if the description works for you?

Looks like the description for the property in the extension is being replaced by that of Image component’s Scaling property.

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Most descriptions work as desired. It is a special problem with “Scaling”. May be there are other key words that are accidentally replaced by the system.

For me, I will rename the property. This will solve my problem shortly.