Writing Integers and Characters using BLE


I am trying to write integer and character values to an Arduino Nano using the App and an HM-10, the integer value is just a distance value, and the character values are for starting and stopping the program. As of now neither are working correctly. I was hoping someone knew how, or an example of how to do each case. Below are the relevant code blocks from the App and Arduino. Thank you for the help.

Screenshot (483)

Hello Cole - too vague! Show us your exact results.
I would say send strings in both cases. However, we need to see all your Blocks to understand what you have thus far.

Not sure what that Bacon Lettuce Tomato is doing in your Arduino Sketch, because in isolation it is of no use - we need to see the whole Sketch! (change the extension to .txt to upload).

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I never had a Bluetotth sandwich .....
It's a new recipe ???

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