Write to a .json file locally or in the web

Hi there. I'm new to app inventor and I came across a problem that I can't seem to work around. So, what I've done before was reading a .json file in the web with no problems. But now I need to write some text in a .json in the web or locally(preferable) in order to store the data inserted. My question is: can I write that data in a .json file that is on my computer or mobile phone? If not, can I write that data with a url to my file in the web?
P.S: I have tried xampp and it didn't seem to work with either xampp or ip address. Also the link in the block of code is not mine, it was just for testing.

All help would be apreciated. Thanks!

Here is my block of code

If you want to save the JSON locally, depending on your needs you can either store the data in TinyDB (private to the app) or use the File component to write the dictionary's contents to a file.

For TinyDB, writing/reading will store and restore the structure. For the File component, the dictionary will be serialized as a strong for storage and you'll need to use the Web's JsonObjectDecodeWithDictionaries block to restore it to the expected type.

Thanks for the answer! I think I made it work with the file component, since I did not want to use TinyDB!
Thanks again.

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