Write state of the art coding

Hello to all,
I wrote this school app where the user has to guess the 4 numbers that appear quickly in the 4 labels, write them in the 4 text boxes, insert them and check them.
I wanted to improve my blocks. For example, populate the 4 labels with a more elegant code. Or "add item to list" of the textboxes.
I attach pictures


My FIOS Internet service is currently crippled and I can't authenticate to Google to use AI2, so I will comment from memory.

Are you sure that using the set TextBox.Text block to set Label.Text fields blank works?
(I haven't tried it.)

Leaving a procedure with its starter name "procedure" is asking for trouble.
A better name would be "randomize".
You can over type the name in the procedure block, and the references will change to reflect the new name.

AI2 allows lists of component blocks in init global blocks now, so there is no need to do it in your Start button.

Are you sure your blue "=" block works for lists in your ButtonInsert Click event?
(i can't double check this at the moment.)

This can be shortened.


Make a list of label 1 to 4.
Use a for each item in list or a while loop to run this part of the code -

Rest of the code looks neat to me