Write into a file on website

Hello everybody! I'm new in this forum.
I hope to write in the right category...

I need your help because I'm not able to write into a file present into my website.

In the Designer part I have written
Call File1.AppendToFile
Text: "My Text"
FileName: "/MyFile.txt"

obviously it writes in my storage...

How have I do to write into a folder of my website?
something like

And where can I put the ftp values to let it to enter and write into my website? (host, ftp, username, port, password...)

CAN I DO THIS? Or NOT anyway?

I do this because, at a later time, I must read the content of MyFile.txt from an other smartphone or pc.

Thanks and excuse me because of my not perfect english.

Have you tried

Thank you for the answer.
I've tried it but I don't find the extension to download.
Do you know where's the download button?

It’s near the bottom of the page in the green box. There’s a link inside the green box to the payment page ($12). Once you’ve paid you will receive the extension. You can pay by paypal or bitcoin.

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