Write error with Android 13

I was waiting for release 194 to recompile the app because in the past days I got error 908: the permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied. I have now recompiled the APK and still get the same error. I selected the DefaultFileScope as App and as Legacy and it keeps giving me the same error. That doesn't happen when I use Companion.

My intention is to generate a PDF file and save it in the /Documents/ folder. Both with Companion and with APK, the PDF file is generated, but with APK only the file name with 0 bytes is generated, while with Companion all the content is available.

I have a Samsung A53 with Android 13. What should I do to eliminate the error? thank you.

Here are my significant blocks

this might be related to Bugs, issues with nb194 release (Aug 30)
try one of the file extensions to copy your file to shared storage
for example App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


Ok. Tomorrow I will try and let you know. Thanks

There is no WRITE permission on Android 11+. So request it only on Android < 11.


The File component does not use an absolute path,

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Thank you Anke!!

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