Write a chemical formula

How can I write a chemical formula?

write at where? can you give an example?

Type into a textbox for example. I tried using mathtype to write a chemical formula. Then copy and paste. it doesn't show up

Hi Letuan.

I believe the mathtype will copy as a vector like or wmf file. This will not work with copy paste way.
That could works with a word processor but not with an IDE for app developing.

Can you show the chemical reaction as a screen capture (the mathtype i mean)?

I believe there is not NOTATION way to copy into App Inventor in a simple way, but you can do it like a equation as characters.

I also believe (i could be wrong in this), you can do it in part with a parse equation extension of Taifun ( Math Extension ).

If you can, share the capture of the reaction and i hope you can solve this with the extension.

Use some html tag with Label:


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Thanks for your help. I'm a beginner so there are many terms and ways that I don't understand. I will try to learn more.

oh... thanks a lot. I'll try

@Kevinkun is Right!.
You can do it in a label with html format.

If you need to use math expressions you also can do it in another free open source JavaScript module.


I mean, if you need to write complex math formulas.
in the principal page is all explained.

jqMath - Put Math on the Web.

and also is the parse math extension of @Taifun.

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ok. Thank you. I'll try