Write 2 fields from MIT APP INVENTOR to ThingSpeak under the same channel

I'm trying to write Bluetooth data received from ESP32 to 2 fields in ThingSpeak. My problem is only the last item in list 3 are received by Thingspeak. These are the things I've tried

  1. Using two web component
  2. Clearing the url before the next web.call
  3. (Working)Create a different channel for both data using different API keys it was able to send both data.

If you are using the free version of ThingSpeak, you can only send one value at a time, so you would need to separate your sends with Clock Timers.

See my website for basic working code for a single value:


Thank you for the tip and information turns out the free version updates every 15 seconds. I've introduce a 15s delay using a second timer and now I'm able to write two fields under the same channel.

That's good news ChiunJie. You might like to look at other cloud solutions too. Google Sheets might well suit your purpose.

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