WouldYouRather multiplayer game with CloudDB

WouldYouRather.aia (10.0 KB)

Hi, i'm trying to make a multiplayer game with WouldYouRather questions. The idea is that multiple teams with 2 players per team can play this during a family weekend.
I tried to build it via cloudDB and some youtube videos. Currently i tried to built it in exact copies so per player 1 version, but i assume that it would also be possible to all do it all via 1 game, but there i'm stuck. Also my attempt with 1 app per player is failing. So the player first needs to answer the questions for himself, so what he/shou would prefer and then needs to wait until his teammate has done the same in another version of the app (exact copy but with other player initials for team, player number & teammate). Once they both have filled in the quesitons for themselves, they should be able to start playing it and answer the same questions again but then what they think their teammate has answered on that question
As stand alone it worked, but if i try to pass the teammate information via cloud db in order to wait and start once the teammate has filled in the questions... that doesn't work. If anybody can help that would be amazing. AIA is in the attachment