Works in production, but not compiled

This code works perfectly well during production, but it fails after it has been compiled and updated on my phone. (Doogee V Max, Android 12). It has worked fine for months, but after I changed the screen to Device Default, it failed. I have switched the Theme back to Classic, but it still does work after compiling.
What is not happening all of a sudden is that the list of Good and Not Good Symptoms are NOT loaded into the spinner after the [LP_emotion.SelectionIndex] is determined.
Why might this happen?
It works while programming, at run time it's fine and works well, but after it has been compiled, it does NOT work, everything else runs as it should.


It may help if you show the two procedures as well: small_list_pickers and get_sub_1

You say the problem only arises when you change the theme to Device Default ?

The issue started when I changed to device default, but after changing back to classic, the issue remains.
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I've cleared the cache and storage in compiled downloaded and installed app (has been running well for a month), no avail

I figured it out, I had accidentally lost an array when I converted a hardcast array of symptoms to a user added (based on the hardcast)
I had copied and pasted an open file command but neglected to exchange the array name.
Just another case of newbie oversight.

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