Working with multiple lists and screens

Im trying to create a quiz app(thanks to another user)

It has 4 images and 3 lists. When we press a button on the first screen the second screen should open.In my case, the second screen opens briefly without components and then generates runtime error. Will highly appreciate any help to solve the issue.

Can't see anything in your blocks that switches to another screen ?

Also you do not show the blocks in that other screen ?

Apologies. The below is the code for Screen one that has button and on click Screen two should open.Screen twos not loading any components and crashes with runtime error .

OK, from the error code, it appears you are using iOS. I have changed the category to reflect this.

An iOS developer will be needed to help you with this problem, I only work with Android.

Noted. Thanks


I tried the program on an android device and I managed to get the second screen opened. But I'm getting another error,which I presume is to do with my code. If you can look into it that will be great.

As mentioned earlier I have created 3 lists with items. in a procedure I'm trying to retrieve using index number. Prior to which I'm checking whether all questions(list) has been answered.

Im attaching the error for better understanding.

Find the place where you use a LENGTH OF LIST block.
Trace back how you got that list.
Show us your work.

Thank you. The issue got sorted. The length of the list was taking wrong argument [had given get variable name instead of get list name]. It got rectified when followed your suggestion.appreciate your help

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