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G'day to all,
I am trying to manipulate data in a list. in all exaples of lists i have found each elemet is a single data item E,G list of phone numbers etc. what i have is a list of micro nutrients to a food item so in each element I have
food item serve size salt potasium phosphates
i can save from one list to another so daily to food list
but what i need to be able to do is multiply the micro elements by the serve size in all micro nutrients
so if a food is selected from the food list to be added to the daily list the food in the food list it is saved a 1unit serve size and at recall is multiplied by the new serve size
any ideas would be great , this is the most complicated thing i have tried to do previously all i have created is calculation apps for spacific formulas

Here is a sample set of tables (lists of lists) you can use, based on my current snack:

Reference Tables, set up once when new foods are discovered:


  • food name (Utz Witch's Brew Halloween Party Mix) (key)
  • serving size in grams (28)
  • Calories per serving (140)

Food Components:

  • food name (Utz Witch's Brew Halloween Party Mix) (compound key)
  • food component (Total fat) (compound key)
  • food component quantity in grams (8)


Daily Food Log:

  • date (20211001)
  • user (ABG)
  • food name (Utz Witch's Brew Halloween Party Mix) (key)
  • food servings consumed (2)

Here are some list manipulation procedures you can use, all draggable:

select_where_equijoin.aia (12.8 KB) SUM_test

P.S. You will need to dynamically create a daily food component consumption log table to answer questions like (How much fat did ABG consume today?) using combinations of the EQUIJOIN and SUM GROUp BY filters.


Now THIS is what I call coding!!!

you might want to consider using a relational database for easier selecting and filtering...
also you would save a lot of blocks...
for a local relational database i can offer my sqlite database, see here
Probably you want to read this first: What is SQLite and what is a relational database?


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that is awesome , thank you for that ! it is going to take me a while to sort out what is doing what, I never would have figured it out on my own

I will start reding. thank you for your reply