Working time app

Hej !
Now it is time to start with a new project. I want my employes to use an app that register there working time. I tried to find some exampel but I cant...

It should be nice to get some fresh ideas... Is there anyone who can assist

// Shas

Lots of ways to have an employee submit a time sheet depending on what database you use and how the employee accrues his/her time. There isn't a tutorial showing how to do this with App Inventor as far as I can see.


  • Google Sheets are widely used to track employee hours . Typically, employees will add their work hours each day and submit the timesheet for approval at the end of the week. Their total working hours will be calculated automatically if the spreadsheet is set up with the correct formulas. You can use the App Inventor Sheets control if you have a Google developer license or use the examples provide by Tim with respect to Google sheets.
  • Use Firebase or CloudDB or other database to accumulate hours work for each employee as a separate tag either as a List of her/his total hours etc.

HOW? Depends on what you want to do and your coding skills. This is a complex Project.

Examples of how others keep track of employee time using apps, spreadsheets and simple systems

Hi and thanks for Your answer. But the question was not how this should be solved. I have a simulare app that works more or less in the same way.

I would like to get som ideas for the interface against the user...

The user interface would depend on the available to hardware.

Handprint readers?

Bar code readers?

Sign in?

I have been whacking away at a sample app to log check in and check out times in a Google Sheet, to demonstrate the Sheets' update capabilities.

However, the user interface has been problematic, because of the various ways in which a check in and check out process can be fouled up by missing check ins or check outs.

(In my app, each event needs an employee and a location in addition to in/out times.)

There is also a choice between two different perspectives for the app:

  • a stationary app that watches different people come and go from a set location, or
  • a mobile app carried by an individual person, tracking their entry and exit to various locations and work states

My current thought on the logging process is to start a fresh record with each arrival/checkIN event (rowID, location, person, IN dateTime =Now, out dateTime empty) , but the next checkOUT event for that person would update the latest (max checkin datetime value) row for that person.

My current interface lacks some way of letting the person know the details of the forthcoming checkout update, to guard against updating the wrong checkin record.
I should probably add that feedback after experiencing a change in location or person, depending on my chosen app viewpoint.

My current sheet structure is at

So your design decisions should depend on your planned app perspective choice.

P.S. There is also the matter of providing ways for the user to tweak their check in check out time at time of data entry, instead of using the current System Clock date/time.
That would be helpful for when people forget to check in and out, but requires some extra validation checks, and might need some extra columns to note real vs stated times to help detect fraud and back dating.

To allow manual date/time entry, you would need to add both a Date Picker and a Time Picker, and to JOIN their formatted text outputs into a DateTime string acceptable to your Sheets' date-formatted numeric datetime columns.