Work report with calendar

Hi folks,
I need to create an app to fill in the work report.
The app must read the appointment on Google calendar, extrapolate the data and write this data on a fillable PDF already set up.
Is it possible?

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Maybe is it posted in the wrong category I changed the category to General Discussion
Anyways Good App Idea, I love it :+1: but I don't know if it is possible :thinking:

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He's not discussing, he's asking for help.

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Perhaps this may help for the first part: Google Calendar API / App Inventor 2 Tutorial.

I haven't found anything regarding editing PDFs, but maybe you could try making one and merging into the template: [FREE] Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF (I'm not sure how to merge them into the same line though)


This is an example of a concept map of how the app should work.
Fisrt - I enter the appointment in google calendar
Second - In the app I choose the appointment and import the google calendar data
Third - Fill in the additional fields that do not depend on google calendar
Fourth - With the "submit" button I export the data in the format. The data must be placed in predetermined positions
Fifth - I export the generated pdf file by mail, whatsapp, printer

I hope I have been clear on how I would like the app to work.
In addition to the concept map, he attached the format where the data are entered.DOC280921.pdf (280.6 KB) !

Thank you. I've understood, but haven't found a solution yet. As of the current, I'm trying to search through some PDF extensions.

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I create the first step from this guide:

With Google script I downloaded the appointment data in a table.
Now I need to transfer the data from GSheet to AppInventor.
I also need the google script to run every time I open the app.

Hello people,
I have modified my project to make it easier to realize.
I want that through the app, the user writes the dates and they are written in the cells G1 and G2, then through a button the script attached above is launched.
After this the app must read what is written on the sheet.