Words with [" "]


I am trying to display a list of words from a .csv file that I published in Google Sheets. I am able to see my words, and everything is working, except that when the text displays it shows as ["my word"].
How do I get rid of the [" "] around the word?

Thanks so much for your assistance,

We need to see the spreadsheets, and the full URLs you are using.
Either export and post the .aia file, or
post a link to one of the spreadsheets.

Thank you so much for your help!

It's a single column CSV, so you don't use the CSV table conversion block, which expects a second dimension.

Instead, use a Split At \n block to turn the text into a list of words.
(Though I see some of them have embedded spaces.)

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Yes!! This now works perfectly!
I am adding my new blocks (the change is in the "When Web1.GotText" group) in case anyone in the future is looking for it.
Thank you!

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