Wizard help blocks

“Hello. I have created an app with MIT App Inventor that draws a cube (canvas) by entering the x, y, z coordinates into textboxes (Xtextbox, Ytextbox, Ztextbox). I would like to implement this app by adding a ‘wizard’ button that directly asks me on the full screen ‘enter the X value’ and this command ends up in Xtextbox, then ‘enter the Y value’ and then z and only at the end it draws the cube in canvas. Does anyone know how to do this?”

I tried these blocks. I press the wizard button. A dialog window opens and asks me to enter the X value. I enter the value (like 200) and press OK, but nothing happens. The dialog window just closes

You change to "Y" and then check then if "question" = Y:

use a if - then -else if---so, when X condition is fulfilled, the Y and Z conditions are not checked.

great. grazie tante

The blue button lets you add rungs to the ladder