Windows Installer Download Link Broken


I am trying to download the App Inventor Windows Setup to deploy out over a network, however when I click the link nothing happens, I have tried multiple devices and browsers.
I am accessing the download link via the following webpage


Are you trying to deploy to student PCs in a network. Then follow the advice here
School IT/Network Admins: Information specific to school networks (also helpful for conferences and hotel situations)


The Emulator - Silent Install

The emulator must be installed on each machine individually. If you are setting up a lab of several Windows computers, this installation can be streamlined somewhat by using “silent mode, where you create a configuration file and then duplicate that file on every machine,with no further need for console interaction.

Here are the flags to use with the setup package:

/S - (case sensitive) for silent mode (default will be all users) and you will need admin permissions.
/user=all or /user=current (again you will need admin permissions for all users)
/update - update installation.
/skiplicense - skip license

For example, use the following command by typing it at the terminal or by including it in a script:

MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_2.3.0_win_setup [/S] [/user=all or /user=current]


sudo MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_2.3.0_win_setup [/S] [/user=all or /user=current]

if you need admin permissions.

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