Will we meet at FOSDEM 2023?


There will be a FOSS Educational Programming Languages Devroom at FOSDEM this year. Because of the number of submissions we have Sunday from 09:00 - 12:50.

A lot of children start their programming career with one of the FOSS Educational Programming Languages. We want to show how valuable those languages are and how powerful they can be by bringing the developers and users of some of the great ones to this devroom. Developers and users of the following projects are willing and eager to participate:

  • MicroBlocks
  • Snap!
  • Turtlestitch
  • Snap4Arduino
  • Hedy
  • ZIM JavaScript
  • MIT App Inventor

If one of the developers of App Inventor will be there is still unclear.

I also opted for a stand but have to wait until December before I hear if we are accepted.

I would like to meet you there. I made this topic so we can discuss when and where we will meet and for instance when you arrive.


My son @bartmathijssen and I will arrive on Friday and will be there until the end of FOSDEM.

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I really, really wanted to participate but I can't due to some problem I'm facing :sweat_smile:

Me too!

You mean, at the place where each user is, you will visit them, right?

I need some clarification.

Can't understand this part.

I replied in the PU forum that I couldn't join this year because of school. Could you demonstrate some of my projects at the stand? I would send them to you after completion.

Hi, we would have to see how it goes. We only have half a day for the devroom so that will be limited. I will have to wait until December before I know if we have a stand. Then we have to share the stand with all developers of the devroom.

So not clear yet if that will work.

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I'll be attending it as well! :tada:
Looking forward to meeting with you again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am hoping to attend as well...


This weekend will be FOSDEM weekend. Come and visit our devroom

And maybe we can have some App Inventor talk after the devroom has finished.

Sadly Evan can not be there but you can meet the next best thing :joy:. @Diego will be delivering the App Inventor presentation.


Hmm, doesn't sound too exciting to me... Wonder who could it be... :roll_eyes::upside_down_face:
See you in a few days! :wink:

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Quick reminder that MIT App Inventor 2 will be hosting a live talk tomorrow at FOSDEM! :tada:
If you are curious to learn how to build an AI app in MIT App Inventor capable of classifying images, don't miss it out tomorrow at 9:40 CET :wink:


Here you can watch the excellent presentation @Diego gave at FOSDEM.


Thanks for sharing the link Peter! It has been really great meeting you and @Ghica in FOSDEM.
I'd like to also thank @ewpatton for all the extra time he put on preparing the presentation, he really helped me to prepare it.

And thanks also to both the MIT App Inventor team and the App Inventor Foundation for letting me document this journey at FOSDEM in their social networks! I've been posting through all the weekend plenty of activities while at Brussels. :raised_hands:


Next year we will try to make it even bigger :grin:

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