Will the undo event be added?

Will the undo event be added? we can’t get it back when we delete by mistake?

Make regular aia project backups.

A designer undo feature is probably on MIT’s long list…
(it is already there in the blocks editor, right click on empty space)

Yes, there is a block editor but it would be great if it is also on the design page. It is not always possible to take backups, if an object is accidentally deleted, we cannot retrieve it. I think the big deficiency is hopefully added as soon as possible.

Another problem is that when moving blocks on the block page, if there is multiple selection or block grouping, it is easier to move and edit objects. For example, when carrying the click event of 10 buttons, it is necessary to move them one by one. It is more practical to move them all together by grouping them or selecting multiple.

Also on MIT's long list....