Will MIT App Inventer will be participating in GSoC 2023?

I am intrested in contributing to this organisation. But can i know, if it is going to participate in GSoc 2023?

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@Shubham_Puhal well, I am really happy to see many people want to contribute next GSoC.

I am also agree with your excitement about App inventor's participation in next GSoC but meanwhile you can do these stuff....

  1. Follow the instructions from GitHub readme and try to install it in locally.
  2. After successfully instalation go to GitHub and find some beginner level issues under "help wanted" label.
  3. If you find it, try to solve it and open the PR, definitely you will get response from team members (maybe one of them could be your mentor in GSoC :grin: actually that happened to me.)

If you find any problem in installation or any other phases please ask your question without any hesitation.

Fell free to contact me or ask your question here I will be happy to answer them.

Preet Vadaliya
GSoC 2022 and 2021 student

@preetvadaliya Thank-you for such a heartwarming reply :relaxed:

I am having problem during installation. I would be really grateful if you can help.

I have created another discussion here: