Wifi vs. Bluetooth - Is one superior?

Hi- I'm making an app to control a group of LED's (brightness and on/off), via ESP32 boards. I'm sending Strings to my ESP32's, and wondering if there is a difference between sending this data via Wifi and Bluetooth? Both of these use 2.4Ghz frequency. This project will mainly be used indoors, in large open spaces. Is Wifi superior to Bluetooth (or vice versa) with regards to speed, distance, and obstacle interference? I'm debating whether it's worthwhile to offer both protocols through my app, although I'd rather just use one honestly.

Also, a general question: If I am sending Strings over Wifi (sometimes as often as every 100 ms), will the transfer speed increase if I shorten the Strings? For example, instead of sending the String "BrightnessValue100", send "BV100"? This sounds like a stupid question, but it might make a difference. :grinning: Thank you.

I don't know anything about ESP32's but I can do tell you that if you choose WiFi then it can send signals to higher ranges than a typical bluetooth. If my ans is wrong then please correct me!!

For large ranges there is another option: Radio Frequencies.

Hi Juan- Thank you for these very interesting examples. My question is about communicating between the Android and the Microcontroller. In your Remote Control example, you are using Bluetooth to communicate with the MCU. Why did you choose Bluetooth and not Wifi?

More range.
I was just doing experiments with RadioFrequencies. With the devices of this topic you can reach a range of 100 m...200 m...1 km... (outdoor, free air).

Yes between MCU and MCU, not between Android and MCU.