Wifi or LTE how to select one

Hello. I need some help.
I would like to send specific data to URL
If I have internet only via wifi or only via LTE, everything works. But if I am useing wifi to receive data from the radio FT817 and want to send it to a URL, I have a message saying that I am not connected to the internet. It seems that the call.web.postText function is trying to send data to an open wifi port that does not provide internet access.
Is it possible to set priority on the LTE port?


There’s no programatic way to do this (at least in App Inventor), it looks like there may be some mitigations you could try at the Android System Settings level to try and set it up so that your phone will prefer routes over LTE rather than WiFi: see here.

Thank you for your help.
In the programming options I have marked the mobile data transmission always turned on. I restarted the phone. Unfortunately, the wifi transmission stopped working. But I turned off cellular data transmission, then connected via wifi to the radio, started downloading data from the radio in my application and then turned on cellular data transmission.
And now everything works.
Unfortunately I have to do it every time again when I leave the program.