WiFi Manager Extension

I take it that disable wifi is still not functioning in Android 12 ?


I do not know which extension you are talking about.
But yes, you cannot programatically enable or disable wifi anymore starting from newer android versions.

usually it helps to read the documentation

Disable WiFi.
You can hide the success message after setting the suppressSuccessMessage property to false.
Note: to be able to test this block, you have to build the app, because the permission CHANGE_WIFI_STATE is not available in the companion app.
Note: starting from Android 10, this method does not work anymore, see also this stackoverflow answer.


I did read the documentation, there was no date on your statement above and the post you reference is 3 years old, so sought an update that the status hadn't changed.

It says 'starting from Android 10'...

unfortunately Google will continue restricting the Android system more and more instead of doing the opposite...


Well thats exactly why I thought id see if anything had changed, starting from Android 10 was stated 3 years ago. I don't like to presume !

This translates to from now on and forever

You also can check the issue tracker mentioned in the Stackoverflow link...


See also this comment


You've obviously never heard of "Truth decay". Not all truths conform to the stated half life.
If you had answered simply with "No" to my original question then you would have gotten here with a lot less wasted time and effort.

You've obviously never read the documentation.

(the other classes shouldn't work)