Why when I access the data from microbit by using bluetooth IO PIN service cannot give the correct value

I check the temperature and humidity using sensor from smarthome kit, when I check the result on the microbit, it's okay, but when I send the data to MIT AI, I get the different value and the gap is so far, anyone can help me?

Screenshot from 2024-03-28 10-24-19

When you provide more information, preferably an .aia, then maybe.

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microbit_controller_copy.aia (622.2 KB)

This is my (.aia) file

Basically, I think that you are using old code (not your fault, it is very unclear what works on the site). For inspiration how to do your project, go here:
I tried only the UART communication with the micro:bit, and that is what you should use also.

thanks for your suggestion @Ghica , sorry I reply your text so long