Why there's no appinventor folder under vagrant folder after installing vagrant?

I’m trying to build vagrant in windows10 following the instructions given by the README.md.

I’ve done the following steps.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

vagrant init hashicorp/precise32

vagrant up

I think i’ve built vagrant successfully.

Then when I use

vagrant ssh

it shows

In the instruction,I should have a appinventor folder under vagrant folder

But there’s not.


Neither , I can’t use ant after vagrant ssh.

I want to know what is wrong with my steps,I’ll appreciate it if someone could helpme !!! :heart:

This is your mistake. That command wipes out the Vagrantfile that we provide. Our README makes no mention of running this command. You'll need to run vagrant destroy to destroy the VM you've created and then run git checkout -- Vagrantfile to restore the copy we provide before running vagrant up.

Dear sir
Unable to install appinventor with Vagrant

Help needed.

As Evan mentioned, don’t run vagrant init as this will wipe out the Vagrantfile that App Inventor provides. Any reason for you to use this command in the first place? There isn’t any mention of it in the README. Hope this answered your question.

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Is there any guide to use and install the appinventor with vagrant?

Follow the instructions in this section of the readme and it should work. As @bartmathijssen already mentioned, do not run vagrant init because it wipes out our actual initialization file with a blank version.

If you’re looking to do extension development, you may also want to look at https://github.com/mit-cml/extension-template, which is more lightweight.

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