Why the image is not displaying on when I scan it?

Hello, so I create an app, then when I tried it to my phone, it's working fine all the design, the image, I can see it, but when I try to run it to other phones (Both Android) ,I can't see all the image supposedly showing on screen, I can only see the structure of my design.

Here when I use my phone.

Here's when I use other phone.


where are those images stored? are stored in your own phone?

Nope. I stored it on MIT app. I uploaded it.

Do I need to save all the image to other phone to make it work fine? But when I used my phone I didn't download anything I just scan it and it work fine.

If your images are uploaded to the app assets it should work on other devices. Can you share your relevant blocks or your aia?

Here the all blocks I'm using for this screen


Well, those blocks are not relevant for this issue. Perhaps you might share your aia.

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Which one? Device name & Android version?

Xiaomi, Android 13

Ok, then show your relevant blocks for displaying the images or if you only set them in the Designer post the aia.

What are the sizes/dimensions of your images (in pixels)?



I can see the images in my device (tested with Companion, Samsung, Android 14)

Do the internet connection have something to do with this?

mmm, no, it should not. The images are in your app.

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What might cause them to go blank or not showing up?

I really need to know what would cause this issue since I have to present this and run it to each phone of my professor.

what about using reasonable images sizes?
see also tip 2 here


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Also you should switch screens correctly... currently you are only opening screens and never close screens...

see again the general tips and tricks, tip 1 and use one of these methods


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Well, I resize all of them based on the screen size I'm using and other using, I make it bigger all the design would go waste. And I tried it to other phone it works on them I think the phone that I used to scan has a problem.