Why the android duplicate my app onstead of overwrite old one?


I wrote an app 3 years ago. When I modified and installed the app again, it overwrote the old one. Now, 3years later I modified the app again and reinstalled. Now it does not overwrite the old app. It crate a new one. But if I reinstall the current one it is overwrite itself. One thing is different. The appinventor account. 3 years ago I used the company gmail. Now i used my personal gmail to log in to appinventor. Is that the problem or something else?


See here:

Thank you Anke.

However, I had time for tests. First of all it is not a playstore app, It is private for our clients . So update only works through app self update or download it again and reinstall. I had to turn off self update because of server change so update only works through reinstall. In that way importing the keystore did NOT help. It is not enough. But I managed to access to my old work account. I had to compile with the same account the app was created to be able to update that app with reinstall. I do not know if imporing keystore is enough for playstore update or not.
Thank you for the informations anyway.

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