Why so many FAQ sections? Please consolidate the FAQ sections

FAQS have flooded this site. The search for FAQ finds 194 entries. Can all the FAQ sections be put in one TOPIC?

you might want to search for something specific and not only for FAQ, for example FAQ BLE
which returns currently 8 results


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

and if you only want to search inside the FAQs for BLE, then do the following

to get 4 results

I tried that once.
They wouldn't fit.
There's a 32k byte limit.
Then I had to split the topic into two topics.
Then the two topics got full.
Then we moved to an offsite spreadsheet with a custom front end.
Then people complained they couldn't find entries in the spreadsheet from here.
So I copied the spreadsheet's topics to this site, so all would be searchable, and we would not have to split them again.


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Technically wasn't this a limitation of Google Groups? Do we know if there is a maximum limit to Discourse (32kB doesn't seem unreasonable as it would be the max for a signed short integer).

It was a 32kb limit in Discourse when I load tested using my mitappinventortest split FAQ posts Redirecting to Google Groups
Redirecting to Google Groups

I’m wondering if there is a need for a way to visualize the FAQ better, maybe by means of a tag cloud, a cluster of tags (links) with varying font sizes to distinguish popular tags from obscure ones. I’ve seen them in other boards, and I’m guessing there might be a Discourse extension for that somewhere.

Visualizing a FAQ tag cloud would be helpful for a person who is trying to quickly assess suitability and current issues for AI2 based on board posts.

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