Why No Screen Orientation Fix in AI2 Latest update

You have released new version of MIT AI2 on Jun 17,
but there is no screen orientation fix?

Was there a prior announcement about this?

Yes here it is

There was no indication that it would be included in the next release though.....


We can always ask @ewpatton, as I also understood it to mean that it should be fixed for nb193..

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Well, it would be nice if we could (at least) check this fix on the AI2 test server.

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The most important thing is that we have another new chat boot component in which we will be able to find new bugs that will be fixed someday :grin:.

or we can ask it to find the bugs for us :wink:

We have to do an experiment. :smiley:

I have already build a server with @ewpatton fix and I can tell you it works.

Edited, sorry link point to wrong app

Here is the apk if you want to try it..

OrientationEW.apk - Google Drive

The fix should be on ai2 as part of this release. It wasn't included in the release notes due to an error on my part since my usual process of generating release notes was complicated by the fact that we open sourced the iOS version, which muddled the commit history. The release notes have since been amended.

Ok i understood, we may expect in next release

Screen orientation fix is in nb173, only information was missing in the release notes.

Are you sure? I don't think so.
And I'll check later if it is really fixed in nb193.


Bug fixes:

  • Handle unknown component_method shape via mutation
  • Update documentation for Flung event (@dhruvpatidar359)
  • [Android] Use file system for Map tile cache to prevent infinite reloading of some tiles
  • [Android] Bubble up errors from Spreadsheet to Screen if error handler not implemented
  • [Android] Add support in MediaUtil for android_asset URLs
  • [Android] Fix screen orientation artifacts in compiled apps
  • [iOS] Improve multiple screen handling
  • [iOS] Prevent some crashes by avoiding use of fatalError (@dhruvshrivastava18)
  • [iOS] Fix collision detection in ImageSprite
  • [iOS] Fix crash due to potential nil keyWindow
  • [iOS] Fix a logical bug in onboarding screen
  • [iOS] Fix a logical bug in IP address detection

I had already read that in the nb193 release notes and as I said will check it out.

@Anke I have created a new project and still the screen orientation bug has not been fixed.

@ewpatton Why include in Release notes, as the bug has not been fixed yet?

Yes, (at least not if "Auto-rotate screen" is on):

But is seems to work on Appzard (also with "auto-rotate" enabled):

(Tested on Android 13 and 9.)

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