Why my list view call 3 data for view

plss help me
why in list view call 3 data for my bloc

Maybe you can explain a little better what you are trying to achieve. I saw your other posts, with a rather boundless discussion that I do not want to be involved in. Maybe this is a new subject, maybe not. And, sorry, I do not understand your language, so I hope that you can explain in English what this is about.

If you would like an answer here, then start by stating clearly what your TinyDB called "Storage" looks like, with an example of its content. The same question for TB_Barang and TB_Targa.
And next, what is really happening that should not happen?

This does not ring a bell to me. Please explain!

It will help finding your own problem if you make a clear list of steps of things that should happen in your app. Then try to debug this using the Companion and DoIt,

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i done get solusion about this but my project have truble other for that block sory about my many new topic