Why my data saved like this?(How to use video tutorial Save to Excel and Read to Listview | MIT App Inventor)


With some code in the video, my data not saved like in the video

Please help me

We don't know what you coded. You did not post your code; only the video tutorial and a small code snippet.

How can anyone help you with specific advice if you do not share your code? (Block image and aia).

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Suggest you test the format required to import correctly into Excel in your locale.

Are you simply opening the csv in Excel or importing it ?

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This the AIA file @SteveJG

AIA Files

Indonesia_Archer_Scoring.aia (2.3 MB)

I open a CSV file in Excel and this app is for that, not for read at list view

Most probaby is caused by your phone's settings

For me it wors fine


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