Why my built apps cannot display in smart phone after download

locationtracking.aia (3.8 KB)
this is my built apps that cannot run in smart phone. what is the problem? can someone tell me what to do?

Your Firebase server

is outside the US.

Use the us-central server

okay now the apps can open but the location , latitude, longitude are neither displayed nor saved in database. it's showing only the America location and when I press track my location it's showing only blue color it's not showing my location. what is the problem?

this is the apps
locationtracking (1).aia (3.9 KB)

A guess is your app is showing a latitude / longitude of 0,0. This is the default latitude longitude that a user gets when the gps does not yet have a satellite fix and latitude longitude is requested.

Showing blue color (on the Map) is what you would see if 0,0 coordinates is plotted on a map. This is a location in the South Atlantic west of Africa.

okay thank you, now the apps can detect location but cannot display the longitude and address.it only show the latiture. why?

I don't use Firebase, however you might try

i have tried your solution but getting this issue.what this means and how to solve it

change tag to value?


not it have this error

this is the mit app
locationtracking (2).aia (4.3 KB)

From your error message, I see you are using iOS.

I have moved your thread to the iOS thread.

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