Why my apps cannot communicate with the firebase

hi..may i know why my apps cannot communicate with the firebase


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Try removing those leading '/' from your tags in your blocks.
Your Project Bucket in your Designer already points to that branch.

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Also, please post your Arduino sketch .ino here.

Also, please explain why you are overwriting your Firebase data from text boxes when it changes?

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Also, you should not be setting the projectBucket to tags in the gotValue event, that will not help at all!

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thank you.. i will try it... :slightly_smiling_face:

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While you are at it, would you have a documentation link you could post here for the
Firebase.PushFloat and

Your is the first project I have seen on this board using that API.

Yes..this is my first project and first times I used it.. That y i have trouble to manage it.. FYI i used node mcu for my project hardware. it is same way to used code in mit apps for arduino board.

sorry to ask... which one Firebase.PushFloat and Firebase.Pushint commands... Im really new in this apps..


If they are unfamiliar to you, maybe I am asking the wrong question.

Where did you find this code?

ohh i see..Because this is my first time, i just copy from internet source.. :grin: :grin: