Why Mit APP can't read text data that has spaces in it

I have a problem, in firebase I have text data that has spaces, for example
Cuplikan layar 2023-06-28 170455

but the result in the application view is like this

Here's the block I made in my mit app
please help me for those of you who really understand

I don't know if spaces are a real limitation of Firebase, if so you can replace spaces with underscore character "_" before writing data to Firebase. After fetching the data from Firebase, you change the underscore back to spaces.

means when I'm commanded to upload by Firebase.setString(firebaseData, "/Data/Pesan/Tim_B","Tim_B_Berada_Di_Titik_3");

Maybe the text came back but the label can not fit the text?

Your value needs to be in "double" "double quotes":

Darurat:""Tolong Bantu Saya""

which is how AppInventor sets (and therefore reads) data strings in Firebase

means this is what I should do