Why is my screen Android?

Hi! So im currently designing an app with some friends and we each have a different screen were working on. While we were sending each other videos of how we were doing I realised that they have an iPhone example screen and I have a Samsung/Android. I asked them about it and they said that they had the option at the top of their screen to change the phone model (Which I don't have) . Does this mean that they're designing an iOS app and im designing a Android app? Bare in mind that the three of us have a mac/ iPad. If we just continue as it is, will this affect the usability of the app ? (as in, will my one only be able to be used my android users and theirs ios users?) if so, how do i change my one to iOS/iPhone?

Currently you can develop with MIT's AI2 on Android and iOS. At the end you will all obtain a source code file known as AIA. And then you can compile it to object code either on the Android platform or on the iOS platform. On iOS, to be able to have a compiled object code you can only do it in beta version (the MIT team is working to improve the current problems). By converting the AIA source to an object on Android you get an APK object or an AAB if you upload it to the Play Store. On iOS you can pass it to an IPA object or upload it to the Apple Store directly following the MIT manual. Be careful, on iOS to be able to run their Apps you must pay a developer fee to be able to have executable IPAs or upload them to the Apple Store (if you are not a student the cost is 99 USD per year). I have the same AIA developed on a Windows PC that I compile on Android and iOS without problems and run them without problems (attention, on iOS we still have some beta limitations).

Keep attention, the MIT servers to build or compile the AIA are diferent for Android and iOS. See you de MIT handbook.

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Okay, thanks! Do you know why they have the option to change it and I dont?

The first two pictures are are in Spanish and are my friends and the third is mine

Try to change the Theme to Default:

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It worked! Thank you so much to everyone who answered!! :smiley:

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