Why is my apk fail to open?

Hi there! I'm going to have a competition so I was trying to create my app, after I download the apk file of my app, I could not open it at all... Can I have your opinion? What should I do?

Screenshot of the window I seen

What happens if you "Clear immediately" ? (clearing history)

One can only guess as to the problem, could be a race condition generating data to the point that the app runs out of memory ?

You would need to show your relevant blocks or share your aia project here (do not share if using paid extensions)

  • Which device and which Android version?
  • RAM?
  • Post a full screenshot of the error message.
  • Are there any error messages before (before this message).
  • Which extensions are used?
  • Post the aia or upload the APK to Google Drive and post the link.

Your app runs into a runtime error while starting. The problem could be an extension, which has not been upgraded to SDK 31. There also might be other reasons Therefore

You also can use logcat to find out more

but only if your project does not use paid extensions