Why is my account deactivated


Why is my account deactivated in appinventor.mit.edu

All link does not work.

Probably your account is not deactivated. Why do you think the account is deactivated? Is it possible you have several google accounts and are using the wrong account? What happens when you attempted to log in? Please explain in detail. Thanks.

You can try logging in using http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/ . Use the same google account log in you have been using and you might have a better result. Is it possible you have several google accounts?

Are you attempting to log in using a school network or a public network at perhaps a library. It is possible the network providers have blocked access. If you use a school network, contact your IT department and make sure mit.edu is whitelisted. Your IT people probably need to read School IT/Network Admins: Information specific to school networks .

When I connect to my account by my email
main (email address removed) which contains my projects. it opens my no links work
The new project button does not work
My projects also do not open
No links work.
On the other hand, when I open another account by another e-mail, it works correctly.
Please correct this problem for me.

Are you using an Edge browser or Chrome/Firefox? Edge often does not work correctly with the App Inventor Web app.

Someone at MIT will look at your account if you give them your permission here. Since this is the weekend, it may take a while.

I am using google chrome as my browser.
I am using another account as a test it is working fine.
I accept someone to test my account for me.
Thank you

We don't have a concept of "deactivating an account". The issue is that your last project opened has a lot of screens, which takes time to load, and will be slower depending on the amount of RAM available on your computer. If you access this link, you will log in without opening your last project, and that will let you open a different project. You may also want to consider turning off the Project Autoload in the Settings menu.

Longer term, you may want to rethink the design of your application and instead of having a screen per stage, refactor to use a single screen and have your stages loaded from assets.