Why is blutooth not working on my app inevntor emulator

I am trying to get a bbc microbit to send a text message to a phone I have this much compete but I don’t know how what block code to set up to connect the microbit please help me out.
I have this much done but I don’t know what block of code to connect the microbit or even how to do it. I have the big code complete and will show a picture. Below is my app, my code on app inventor and the bit code. Please help me out

Are you sure emulators support bluetooth?

Forget about the emulator for a minute, I just want to finish my coding blocks how do I code a bbc microbit to send a text to a mobile on blocks?

A micro:bit has no bluetooth on it. Only a "radio" so it can talk to other micro:bits. Do you have a bluetooth module connected to the micro:bit?

So, you have a bluetooth or wifi module connected to your micro:bit to send messages, or 2 micro:bits with one sending messages via radio to the other micro:bit that is connected to your phone with an OTG cable.

The new V2 bbc microbit does have blutooth on it I want to get the bbc microbit to send a text to my smartphone as seen on this website https://www.robotique.tech/robotics/send-a-message-from-the-microbit-to-smartphone/

Learning something every day. I have 5 micro:bits here and always thought they had no bluetooth. :grin:

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Lol doenst solve my question thanks though

Silly me. Off course I knew micro:bit supports BLE, :crazy_face: like in the sample app of the site you showed. I simply forgot :grin: Did you visit this MIT App Inventor + Internet of Things
And if you want some advise on how to program with MakeCode which I don't do, I always use MicroBlocks to program my micro:bit, you maybe have to ask in another community. Maybe there you can find some help.

On the IOT site it says:

Please note: Some of the tutorials in the Microbit may be outdated, resulting in non-functioning apps. We are currently creating new Internet of Things components and tutorials for Microbit. For specific technical questions, search or post on our community discussion forum. -- The App Inventor Team 3/31/22

As to the original inquiry, the emulator package we publish, which is built around Google's Android emulator, does not support emulating Bluetooth connections. If you want to test this, you'll need to test it with an Android device running Android 5.0 or later with BLE support.