Why i am not geting my user name in firebase any one plz help me


show how are you storing your data in firebase

sorry i sloved my problem.but thank you to replying me
i have other qustion :- i want to store data unique bukets if in my fire base have already a buket then not allow to store data on my firebase how to write code tell me plz

You cannot do it with buckets, but with Tags. You have a block GetTagList which will give you the already existing tags so, you can check if it already exists.

It seems you are using the userID like buckets so, if you set the bucket to empty string and then call to GetTalList you will get all the userIDs already stored.

With something like this:

If you set the bucket to the userId, you will have the tag under that user:

if you leave the bucket empty, you will have the userIDs when getting the tags:

thank you very much.

how to vaildate to that bukets this my code just see onces and tell me

Check if the user already exists and if not, then store the new user.

i did like this it works

Be careful with this...it will be a list so, you need to check if the new user is in the list:

use the block "is in list?".

Okay thanks you

You mean empty block or other block

I mean the block to check if the new user is in the tag list received:


thank you. your my life savior

how can i update my already exiting bucket value like an paticular value

like age or phone number

Set the bucket to the user and use the StoreValue block with the "Tag" you want to update.