Why https://ai2.metricrat.co.uk not translating?

It is a pity that your website cannot be automatically translated by Google translator.

I can

I can translate it to any of the languages google provides (in my computer browser)

It is a google site, so it should be translatable.

Are you using your magic web application again ?

There are sometimes pages where chrome does not display a translator in the address bar. In my case, your website is just an example of this. I don't know why this is happening.

and you get no option to Translate to "language" if you right click on the page ?

Ok. Managed to. I right-clicked and chose "translate" from the context menu. Google doesn't detect English on this page. It displays "unknown".

Google Translate can be a bit funny at times, I also have had trouble getting back to original settings when I translate a page.

Glad you figured it out.

Earlier, when I used the tutorials, I pasted part of the address in google and after finding your site, I clicked to display the translated version. But it's troublesome. I didn't know there was this option on the menu. :rofl:

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