Why getting error on getFlipInterval();

I am getting error on viewFlipper.getFlipInterval();
Getting this error

Please help me in fixing this error

What extension are you trying to make?

ViewFlipper extension

What is that code trying to achieve? I mean what does the extension do?

Search on google or chrome you will got
This extension can flip your views

// In Fields,
private android.widget.ViewFlipper viewFlipper;
//In Constructor,
viewFlipper = new android.widget.ViewFlipper(this.context);

public int FlipInterval(){
return viewFlipper.getFlipInterval();
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I think this will not work because you are initialising ViewFlipper but ViewFlipper can not be initialised please compile once this code

Public Constructors of ViewFlipper

Compiled Extension (Using Niotron IDE) :
ViewFlipper.aix (4.9 KB)


Thanks @oseamiya I will try this now

@oseamiya getting same error
I am using http://bot.colintree.cn:8048/ to create extension

It's straight mentioned in the error logs, the name getFlipInterval doesn't exist.


Not sure, maybe your android lib for the extension is below API 29, missing the method name.


But see in ViewFlipper class getFlipInterval is their

Yes, may be

My code is working fine in Niotron IDE

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