Why doesn't it update? What's wrong?

Hi, please help me.

Why doesn’t it update? What’s wrong in below blocks?

“Update” button was not shown, and “Open” button was shown,
Though I clicked the “Open”, updating was failure.

and is there a way to write the Uri to access the update button of the app directly?

Where are these two buttons ?


They are Buttons in PlayStore of Google.


DataUri is linked to PlayStore.

Why not just let Google Play handle the updates for your app ?

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I don’t understand.
Please explain it in easy term and way.

As I understand it, a developer uploads an app to the Play Store. Users download and install the app. The developer makes an update to the app with a new version (google play compliant). Google Play identifies that there is an update to one of its installed apps and offers the user an update (or the update happens automatically if the user has given permission). Most of the apps i have installed on my device do this…

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I myself was surprised why I thought that only issuing the notice could upgrade.
Thank you.

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