Why does this list not split after tiny db

Bug i cant find the reason the retrival action says somthing with "".

It appears your code reset the contents of name5 to an empty list. An empty value will appear as "" if you ask for a value. :astonished: .

Your Button 32 code appears suspicious so use DoIt to find out for sure Live Development, Testing and Debugging

I dont understand why this should happen? I see no flaw in the tinydb retrieval of the list from button 32.

Then debug. Others cannot debug this code; only you can. You need to know what the contents of the TinyDB is.

This works without issue:

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Steve has hit the nail on the head concerning your bug.

Note that it's best practice for the "valueIfTagNotThere" to be an empty List. Then, you can check the number of items the List has is correct before trying to set the Labels.

Thank you very much

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