Why does my app keep crashing when connected to my IPhone

Nothing in particular looks off with your blocks. Which version of the iOS companion are you using? This should be visible when you first start the companion app.

You must disable the timer in the Clock.Timer event (when opening another screen).

version: 2.64.1 (build 9)

I've now checked it on 2.64.2 (build 9) and it seems to work with Companion, but when the Slider.MaxValue is set to 100 (which I assumed) then it doesn't work with the compiled app because the screen "buttons" is opened again and again in an endless loop, so that it also quickly leads to a memory problem and the app crashes.

However with Companion there is only 1 screen that is open and that's why it works there because when you return to Screen1 it reopens it. With the compiled app, the current screen would be closed and Screen1 would be visible again (but not reopened).

what would I do to fix this issue?

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Post the aia.

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