Why does MIT App Inventor use the sms sending and receiving feature even though I don’t use the component?

I build apk from here and I only use webview, text box and button, there is no extension I use.
when I apply in store, I got message from store developer below :

"We have checked the ourbrows.apk and found the sms send and receive function in it.

You maybe check the appinventor component in your apk, check the usage of google voice SMS_RECEIVED.

If you confirm that your app must use the sms sending and receiving feature, please clarify why."

please give me the clarify so I can explain to them by take screenshot of this page.

can you provide your aia here

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Same question asked on Kodular

I guess it may apply to both, but which are you using to build? If Kodular then you should only ask there.

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AppInventor doesn't provide officjal ABB compile functionality yet, so I suspect it's using Kodular.

Neither of these declare/require SMS permission.
Not atleast in App Inventor.

looks like he's a kodular user

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I am sorry, I forget changed the text
I build in MIT app inventor also and submit the apk in store. and get that issue a.gray.inventor
and the store developer said like above

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Which store?

This is a false positive. You could have found that on the community.

These are the only permissions used in a apk with webview, button and textbox.

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"/>

@Oktajianto_99 please take a look at this :

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I told them about that false positive by give the link of topic about false positive. they said to try submit again as they made new virus gallery from my report so my app can accept.

before that they asked me to scan in virustotal, I got detected a.gray.inventor, but after they said made new virus gallery when I scan again in virustotal there is no detect of a.gray.inventor anymore with same apk

but I still get that problem in their review, and report again to them. I said I made a new simple apk only use webview, text box and button, and I said a.gray.inventor is part of the MIT inventor builder, because of that the sms send and receive is exist, I give them virustotal scan result as well.

they said from their virus company vendor report told them my apk force to sms send and receive (a.gray.inventor).

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I have read all topic before I post this page

Okay got it

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btw, why don't you just upload your apk on playstore?

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I have uploaded in playstore for 2 years.
and many users ask me to upload in appgallery.
so I try uploaded. I have tried many times, report try report try, read topic about problem . that I did :grinning:

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Maybe huawei does not want apps made in ai2 and derivatives. After all, AppInventor was once a child of google, and we know what the relationship is between google and huawei.

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maybe :thinking:

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hola, pudiste solucionar el problema y subir la apk a app gallery?

Estoy con el mismo problema, y no lo he podido solucionar